Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Food, Food and More Food!

This latter part of summer and fall there seems to be more new and highly anticipated restaurants opening than usual, everything from small names to BIG names.

Let’s start first with and oldie but goody back in the day. The Pump Room, the hotel which it occupied was sold and remodeled which was badly needed. But, the name will remain the same for the Pump Room. With a new fancy chef from NYC named Jean Georges Vongerichten, they will relive the staples of the Roasted Lobster and Wiener Schnitzel along with some trendy fare as well. Oh, and a local guy named Billy Dec, who has his hands in some of the best ‘to be seen’ places will be assisting as a consultant. Sure to be the place to be.

Another is the Slurping Turtle, I just love the name. This Chef comes with BIG accolades, Chef Yagihashi. This Japanese restaurant in the River North area will be worth the short cab ride, opening in October and serving your standard fare along with small plate to pick. Hmmm!

BLT American Brasserie, is going into the defunked Ruhlman space which is beautiful. So, no doubt this place will be beautiful and yet another NYC guy bringing his wares to Chicago. I really liked the NY location and I will be going here for sure. BLT will have a raw bar and will serve grilled meats and pizzettas. Sounds odd but this too will be a good one!

Tavernita, opening in my old favorite spot, Martini Park, hails a local chef, Ryan Poli, I like this idea! He will be doing an American Contemporary Restaurant with a European/Latin influence. Hope that makes sense?

Oh and last but not least! Our chef here at the Knickerbocker at NiX, Chef Krista Lotesto. She does great American Contemporary fare. She just changed our Breakfast Menu and it is for sure worth a look and the prices are the same as the neighborhood places. Though our restaurant is closed for dinner, the bar has a great menu from a jumbo crab cake to hummus and everything between. Worth a look!

So, you can check out our restaurant and bar……. Or wait till October for the others to open.

Hope to see you soon and if you need assistance please call Paul, Henry or myself, Sheryl and we will be happy to assist you with your requests.

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